What is iNeedFixing.com?

“Knowledge is Power” as what Sir Francis Bacon would be commonly attributed to, it holds a somewhat strong influence to our everyday lives. And with the emergence of the internet it is a tool that can make a difference, and is readily available to anyone.

Being a software engineer, I gather my knowledge from school, hands-on experience, and the internet. And ever so often there are a few new knowledge that is good to share but I was lazy to even put it online, thus I made this website.

Why “iNeedFixing”?

“iNeedFixing” is maybe a general term about that feeling of “a need to get fixed”, which is my case it's all about Web Development or maybe all aspects of daily life, who knows. Generally speaking this might become a portal to any useful information to basically anything that you need fixing. Aside from stumbling upon this nice domain name, I am compelled to put up a website as a portfolio website or just a site for me to showcase my being a Web Applications Developer. Be advised that my grammar is that of a child who is just learning English, so any suggestion on that matter; good or otherwise is greatly appreciated.


As a Web Applications Developer for over a decade, I don't want to be be alienated by my knowledge of creating websites. So just to share about the technologies behind this site. It is created using Laravel, and since I am purely a backend (and a practicing front-end) kind of guy, the entire design template for the website is purchased from https://htmlstream.com/, surprise!. The server is currently being managed using AWS Services such as EC2, Route53 and S3.

The Future

I’m not really sure but is sure not as bleak, but as long as this website exists and my inspiration is still strong, I would greatly appreciate if anyone could contribute as well to help me get more useful article that would make this site live up to its name.


This is my first blog post “ever” and I have no idea how to compose or if there’s any correct structure. So be kind guys.